• 7 Ways to Leave Work Stress Behind
    When your workday is done, do you still carry much of the stress of your work with you into your off-work hours? Whether you work at home or go to an Read more
  • How to use "It Could be Worse" (Step 1)
    One of my favorite techniques to eliminate, or at least substantially reduce, stress in your life is to always remember, it could be worse.  I know this is sometimes hard Read more
  • Act the Opposite
    A great way to handle the first signs of sadness/depression Read more
  • Emergency Mindset
    What would you do if, Heaven forbid, you arrived home one afternoon, and you heard a loud sound of water gushing? Upon a quick investigation, it is obvious that the Read more
  • Are you too Anxious to Sleep?
    The Verbatim Technique This is a tool for individuals who cannot sleep due to racing thoughts. I learned about it in a presentation by the Institute for Brain Potential, though I Read more
  • The Tolerance Continuum
    In one of my group supervision sessions, one of my supervisees pointed out an awesome concept for dealing with things we don't necessarily understand. I have called this "the Tolerance Read more
  • Humans vs Hedgehogs
    The hedgehog’s dilemma, or sometimes the porcupine dilemma, is a metaphor about the challenges of human intimacy. It describes a situation in which a group of hedgehogs all seek to Read more
  • The Effects of Bullying
    While details on the subject are still unclear, researchers agree that bullying in adolescence can have negative effects on mental health. Click below to learn more on why this has Read more
  • Embellishing Positive Experiences
    Did you know there is a biological reason for why we often tend to remember negative experiences much easier than positive experiences? An example of how we do this is the Read more
  • When to say Yes or No...
    I recently heard a quote that I thought would be good to share with you. The quote was: "By saying 'yes' to someone or something, you are saying 'no' to someone Read more
  • Appreciate Your Partner
    This is an excellent intervention I have been using for years with couples.  Whether you are (or have ever been) married, dating, or labeled your relationship status as "it's complicated," I Read more
  • The Wim Hof Method - Breathing
    First, let me be clear. THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A CURE. Rather, this is just a suggestion of healthy practices that have been found to prevent or make Read more
  • The Boring Roller-Coaster
    Learn how bullies work through this simple illustrated analogy. Read more
  • Using Distraction
    Think about your favorite movie, the main character, the ending…now quickly think about a girl/boy/man/woman who you think is attractive; their eyes, their smile, etc. Now, what is 12 times Read more
  • Visualization
    Visualization is a key skill to master when using the Law of Attraction to manifest more positive things in your life. However, it does not come without the addition of Read more
  • The Law of Attraction
    The simple way to explain the Law of Attraction is "thoughts become things." To many, this seems too much like magic or wishful thinking. However, there are countless examples of Read more

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