A New Workbook to Take the Power Back from Bullies

The time has come to deal with bullies in a more effective way!   The ultimate solution to bullies is AVAILABLE NOW! 

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For about 10 years now, I have been teaching kids, teens, and even some adults a unique strategy of dealing with bullies  . It is like no other technique that I have read about or seen taught. Over time, I have perfected it to result in a tremendous success rate. Over the past year, I was able to organize all of these tools into a workbook, which I then paid to have professionally edited, formatted, illustrated, and published. This took much more effort than I ever thought it would, but I have no regrets because I am very happy with the outcome. I truly feel like this could be a game-changer in the fight against verbal and cyber bullies.

The book is titled My Mom is a Big Fat Whale: A New Workbook for Kids & Teens to Take the Power back from Bullies
However, as you will quickly learn from the workbook, my mother is ABSOLUTELY not a big fat whale! The irony is, she is my biggest supporter!

A tremendous number of Americans are plagued by bullies every day; and unfortunately, most of these victims are children, adolescents, and teenagers. It has always been a problem throughout history, but it seems as though it is becoming even more prevalent in today’s society. Bullies also seem to be evolving, in that the old ways that we have been taught to deal with them in the past are not working as well as they used to. Therefore, a new strategy is needed; which is exactly what this book aims to accomplish. Inside you will find unique tools to deal with bullies much more effectively than the ways of the past.

Step-by-step, you’ll see how simple it is to take the power back from bullies. Exercises to practice the techniques follow each explanation, as well as examples done for you. If others are picking on you or making fun of you to the point that it is causing emotional pain, this is the perfect intervention for you!

This guide is also a great tool for adults who want to assist children or adolescents who are victims of verbal or online bullying. It can be an excellent way for parents to teach their kids how to deal with bullies effectively. Therapists and Counselors could also implement the strategies used in this workbook to aid their ongoing work with young clients.

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The workbook is available in many formats. However, I highly suggest the paperback version if you have plans to use it as it was intended. The Kindle edition (if you have a Kindle device) and iPad versions also look great, but should be purchased only for reference due to the fact that readers cannot get the full benefit since they cannot write in the digital copy. 

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