The Tolerance Continuum

In one of my group supervision sessions, one of my supervisees pointed out an awesome concept for dealing with things we don't necessarily understand. I have called this "the Tolerance Continuum" and have used it a great deal since. Here is how it looks.

Intolerance --> Tolerance --> Acceptance --> Affirmation

The words are self-explanatory, so I won't bother going into detail about their meaning.

We can use this, really on a daily basis, to evaluate our stance on many things; as well as our expectations of others' views. Unfortunately, the most we can expect out of some situations is "tolerance." In those cases, if we continue to expect to change someone's mind in hopes to have them arrive at "acceptance" or "affirmation," we will often be disappointed. This could even lead to problems in relationships or loss of friends.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is just realize that certain people are not ever going to support (affirm) all of our views, so it is much less stressful to learn how to personally deal with this than to continue trying to change their minds.

I hope this is as beneficial to you all as it has been to me!

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