Visualization is a key skill to master when using the Law of Attraction to manifest more positive things in your life. However, it does not come without the addition of hard work. 

Some practitioners of "The Secret" make it seem as though all you have to do is visualize what you want in your future and it will magically appear. Though there have been a few odd examples when this has worked in my life and the lives of others, I am not oblivious to the fact that these visualizations often take effort to make them come true.

I see the advantages of consistent visualization in a little deeper way. Today, we will discuss what I feel to be the two main benefits. We will then detail the key components to the process of effective visualization. 

1. Visualizing your future goals and dreams, vividly and consistently, strengthens the desire for these outcomes, and thereby increases motivation to do what you need to do to achieve them. Think about it this way... let's say your goal was to own your own business. You would increase the desire for this goal by picturing all the benefits of achieving this goal; be it money, time freedom, respect from others, etc. When picturing these benefits, you could even play out scenarios in your mind that you imagine would happen if you accomplished this goal. This would allow you to have the joyful feelings that would inevitably accompany this outcome. Now imagine, hypothetically, that you could hang these vivid images in front of your face to be able to see them 24 hours a day. Do you not think your actions would be more tailored to things that would help you achieve this goal? You would likely spend less time watching TV, scrolling social media, etc. and more time taking actions that would lead you one step closer to owning your own business because you would have the constant reminder of how good this would feel right in front of your face!

Now, we can't walk around with that ridiculous looking picture contraption on our heads, so the next best thing is to ingrain those images into your mind using consistent visualization!

2. After you begin visualizing what you want in your future, you will then start to see the pieces falling into place. Herein lies the second benefit; it will make you happier on a daily basis. Most of us can agree that when we see things going our way, it makes us happier. Using visualization (and other tools that will be taught in future blogs), we can have this sense of accomplishment after seeing only the least little bit of evidence that "our dreams are coming true." In the above example of the person that desired to start a self-owned business, he or she would get joy from the smallest successes such as meeting a potential future client, learning a new marketing skill, coming up with a name for the business, or even just a compliment for others related to business. All these things could be taken as small steps to achieving the main goal. You just have to tune your focus.

Now to the key components of practicing effective visualization:

  • it most be done daily, preferably around the same time. I prefer the mornings because I have found that it starts the day off right with an increased motivation. If you can do it multiple times each day, all the better!
  • When you are picturing your future desires, make it play out more like a movie scene. You will know you are doing it right when you start getting excited about how awesome it will be when you reach that goal
  • Try to include all 5 senses in your visualizations to make it more vivid
  • Mix up the visualizations to play different scenes of the movie in your mind
  • As stated above, look for anything you can throughout the day that you can attribute to getting closer to meeting your goal
  • Don't be afraid to visualize several goals for your future. Don't sell yourself short! Some have found it helpful to visualize several short and long term goals. You may build a daily routine that looks similar to this: Visualize how you want today to go, then a short-term goal (weeks or months from now), then maybe a goal to reach in a year or so, then a 5 year goal, a 10 year goal, and finally a lifetime goal

As you can see, this takes a lot of effort and practice, but I can personally attest that it does indeed work. Through visualization, I have often found myself working on projects for hours at a time and not even realizing it because when you are working towards your dreams, it feels a lot less like work. 

I wish you all the best results! Email me with any questions, comments, or testimonials. I'd be glad to hear from any of you. And as always, thanks for your time.

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